Hello world!

I love all things southern! I’ve lived in South Carolina all my life and have visited and enjoyed many other states.  Every state is unique but when I pull into South Carolina, I know I’m home.  We have a beautiful state and wonderful people.  Living in the Bible belt, I was raised with a strong spiritual influence and I try to live by that.

I love to learn and that is why I have started blogging. It seems a pretty safe way to put my thoughts in words.  I don’t have to publish if I don’t want to, right?

My focus will be on all things southern and the women who make it happen.  How we garden, how we craft, how we cook, how we love, how we worship and how we play.  I hope you’ll come along.



About Denise

Sundays after church, big dinners, sweet tea, eavesdropping on the older ladies, learning to make fried potatoes and homemade biscuits at Muca Mac's knee, making birdhouses in Daddy's cabinet shop, the smell of sawdust and cherry pipe tobacco, shopping trips with Mama, matching shoes, Easter ham and Christmas plays, brothers playing tricks, cousins, friends, neighborhood ball games, bird dogs, Tupperware parties and Girls Auxillary, azaleas, dogwoods, good times.
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