April Showers

It’s true! April showers do bring May flowers and some herbs too. I decided to try my hand at an herb garden. Space is limited so I went for a few planters placed on the deck railing.

You know that growing your own herbs is so easy, with a little help from the sun and rain. It’s a whole lot less expensive too. I mean really, have you run out to buy herbs for a recipe lately?  Most of the herbs cost  around $2 – $3 to grow. You will pay that for fresh ones at the supermarket that you can only use once or twice.

Give it a try, it’s quite rewarding. I’ve uploaded some of pictures of my herb planters.


About Denise

Sundays after church, big dinners, sweet tea, eavesdropping on the older ladies, learning to make fried potatoes and homemade biscuits at Muca Mac's knee, making birdhouses in Daddy's cabinet shop, the smell of sawdust and cherry pipe tobacco, shopping trips with Mama, matching shoes, Easter ham and Christmas plays, brothers playing tricks, cousins, friends, neighborhood ball games, bird dogs, Tupperware parties and Girls Auxillary, azaleas, dogwoods, good times.
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