What’s Special About Your Mother?

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about mother and how special she is to me.  My mother is a dedicated Christian woman who talked the talk and walked the walk.  She is caring, kind and has always been fair.  Mother filled our home with love and I love her very much.

Please share with my readers what makes your mother special.  Just leave it in the comment section under this post.

Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!


About Denise

Sundays after church, big dinners, sweet tea, eavesdropping on the older ladies, learning to make fried potatoes and homemade biscuits at Muca Mac's knee, making birdhouses in Daddy's cabinet shop, the smell of sawdust and cherry pipe tobacco, shopping trips with Mama, matching shoes, Easter ham and Christmas plays, brothers playing tricks, cousins, friends, neighborhood ball games, bird dogs, Tupperware parties and Girls Auxillary, azaleas, dogwoods, good times.
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