My Grandchildren

Nothing I have ever done or could do could compare to being Andy’s Meecee or Laurie’s Meme. These are my two grandbabies and I adore them. For Christmas 2011, I made a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake so they would learn the real meaning of Christmas. After the family gathering, we gathered around the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. We put one

candle on it so the grandbabies could blow it out. They were so excited. We plan to do this every year for Christmas. I am posting a picture of the cake. Not my best work, but I just free handed it and whipped it out. Hope you like.


About Denise

Sundays after church, big dinners, sweet tea, eavesdropping on the older ladies, learning to make fried potatoes and homemade biscuits at Muca Mac's knee, making birdhouses in Daddy's cabinet shop, the smell of sawdust and cherry pipe tobacco, shopping trips with Mama, matching shoes, Easter ham and Christmas plays, brothers playing tricks, cousins, friends, neighborhood ball games, bird dogs, Tupperware parties and Girls Auxillary, azaleas, dogwoods, good times.
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