Easter Egg Craft

My mom is living with me now which meant she had to leave her home town and family and friends.  Thankfully people call but she doesn’t have a lot of visitors.

It was a nice visit when her sister-in-law, Emma Lee Bishop, a strong southern woman in her own right, came for a visit.  Because she is 85 years old, her daughter Judy, brought her.  We all had a good visit and it reminded me how much I love and miss family.

I wanted to share a craft that Aunt Emma Lee made for my mom.  She brought her a beautiful geranium and placed in the flowers were these adorable Easter eggs.

Aunt Emma Lee took plastic eggs in pastel colors and attached a skewer to make plant stakes.  She did this by touching the end of the egg with the hot glue gun and this formed a hole.  She inserted a skewer and hot glued around it.  Then she covered the eggs with a decoupage  medium and rolled them in pastel seed beads.  After they had dried, she sprayed them with clear paint to add to the shine and tied ribbon at the base of the egg in coordinating colors.  They looked beautiful and the arrangement looked so professional.

Hope you’ll give it a try.

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April Showers

It’s true! April showers do bring May flowers and some herbs too. I decided to try my hand at an herb garden. Space is limited so I went for a few planters placed on the deck railing.

You know that growing your own herbs is so easy, with a little help from the sun and rain. It’s a whole lot less expensive too. I mean really, have you run out to buy herbs for a recipe lately?  Most of the herbs cost  around $2 – $3 to grow. You will pay that for fresh ones at the supermarket that you can only use once or twice.

Give it a try, it’s quite rewarding. I’ve uploaded some of pictures of my herb planters.

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Hello world!

I love all things southern! I’ve lived in South Carolina all my life and have visited and enjoyed many other states.  Every state is unique but when I pull into South Carolina, I know I’m home.  We have a beautiful state and wonderful people.  Living in the Bible belt, I was raised with a strong spiritual influence and I try to live by that.

I love to learn and that is why I have started blogging. It seems a pretty safe way to put my thoughts in words.  I don’t have to publish if I don’t want to, right?

My focus will be on all things southern and the women who make it happen.  How we garden, how we craft, how we cook, how we love, how we worship and how we play.  I hope you’ll come along.


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